Welcome to Gregory Hills FC

In 2020, Gregory Hills was to be the home for the newest team in the Macarthur District, establishing at the newly established Cunningham Park. Located in Gregory Hills Football Club is seeking to foster a community and socially orientated environment in the state's fastest growing region.

The clubs initial focus is on the development of the small sided game, building teams of 6-10yr old's from across the region forming the heart of the club, with a dedicated and passionate volunteer base behind it.

2021 Gregory Hills FC is expanding with the hope to have teams from Under 6 -17 Year. With both girl and boy sides as well as mixed teams.

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Take a look at our Round 2 17th April 2021 Photo Album


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View the full album Round 2 17th April 2021

Message from the President:

Round Two 16/17th April 2021

What another wonderful round we have had this weekend. Many of our teams coming away with some wonderful wins. It is so great to see so many of our players enjoying and growing while playing Soccer. I had the opportunity today to referee one of the under 9 games. It was great to be able to help both teams on the field. 

I would like to thank those teams and others who helped out today on the canteen and BBQ, with out your support and help the canteen and bbq would not be able to run. Thank - You. 

Reminder next weekend we are having our grand opening. We ask that all players and families come to the offical opening at 9am regardless of when you are playing in your uniform ( training shirt or game shirt with shorts and socks on).  

Round One 9/10th April 2021

Wow what a wonderful start to the 2021 season we have had. Starting off with a win with our over 35’s. After talking to some of them today they sure are feeling every bit of that win. 😉

It was wonderful to see all the family’s, friends and players out playing this weekend.

A massive thank you to all those who helped today.

A shout out to Gregory Hills FC first three offical referees who took to the field today for the first time you all did a wonderful job.

Take a look at our Round 1 - 9th and 10th April 2021 Photo Album

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Club Hoodie and POLO

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NOTE: the Club polo- the black is grey like the Hoodie 

Sizing samples of Hoodie at Club Canteen 

DRAW 2021 - Please Check Each Week

Team Duties:

Rostered duties aren't huge tasks but benefit you, your child and our club community.

The more help we have the easier the job is. A committee member will always be available for advice so don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember, it is only a couple of times a year and it’s not too much to ask for the parents to lend a hand, especially when you consider the amount of time and effort Club volunteers - committee, coaches and managers, put into your children.

Thanks in advance for your help and support, we couldn’t do it without you.

Please ensure you arrive early enough to set up before kick- off time. 


Field Set Up:



6/7 A

U6 White

6/7 B

U6 Pink 


U7 Black

6/7 D

U7 Yellow

8/9 A

U9 White

8/9 B

U9 Purple

10/11 A


10/11 B

U10 Black 

Field 1

U13 Purple


Field Pack Up:



6/7 A

U7 Purple

6/7 B

U7 Red


U6 Yellow

6/7 D

U7 Grey

8/9 A


8/9 B

U8 Yellow

10/11 A

U10 Purple

10/11 B

U10 Yellow

Field 1

U13 Purple 

Canteen And BBQ Duty

A Minimum of TWO helpers from each team

(No children under 16 Allowed in canteen or on BBQ)














U7 Pink

U6 Black

11- 11.45

 U6 Red 

U7 Green


 U6 Yellow

U7 Purple

1pm- 1.45pm

U9 Yellow

U8 Yellow

2pm- 2.45pm



2.45- Finnish



We welcome helpers, outside these teams also.


1st APRIL 2021

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Many of our teams are filling up or are full. In our mini teams limited spots .

Still looking for players for youth teams.

Register ASAP to not miss out.

We are waiting on council to let us know when we will be able to get on the fields. Once we have dates we will advise of our meet and greet day. This is where you will:

• meet the team

• work out training day and time

• club shorts ($20) and socks ($10) will be available to purchase

We are looking forward to another wonderful season with our soccer families.


Head Over to the Oran Park Gazette We as a club are featured on page three. 

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Those who ordered Polo shirts they are now in please pick up from the Canteen this weekend. 


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Click here for the full article 

Please follow the link to the latest news article featuring our club and players. 


Video from some of our teams:


Stars in the Making:

Video from MFA 

What You Need To Train

The time is fast approaching to really get those new boots dirty.

Over the Next few weeks our teams with start training, as we inch closer to the official start of the season on the 10th April 2021.

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NOTE: All players are encouraged to bring own Ball 
Water bottles MUST be labelled with name.

All Players Must Sign in on the QR Code. 

Macarthur BULLS

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BULLS CUP Click Here FOR more information:

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For those teams/ players who might be interested in taking part. It would be up to the individual players to fund this. WE have Christina who is trying to get an Under 10 team together contact her if you would like to join the team at chrissywat12@hotmail.com

Take a look at our 19.9.20 Round 12 Photo Album

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View the full album 19.9.20 Round 12

We all can do our part and stay safe

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The sooner you can let your team know you can not make a game the better. 

That way your team can still play and club can help find spare players. 


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Outlook-lgvyomu 2
The MFA continues to work closely with Local Clubs,
Football NSW
, and relevant Government agencies to ensure that football is operating in accordance with the NSW Government’s Public Health Orders and recommendations.
To help ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place when participating, all players, parents, officials and spectators are required to adhere to the following:
• Avoid carpools or travel with people from different household groups where possible;
• Only 1 parent/guardian is to accompany players aged under 18 years to junior/youth football. Avoid bringing anyone who is elderly or may be at high or increased risk of illness;
• Wash and/or sanitise hands before and after attending all training and games;
• Players arrive dressed and ready to train or play;
• Do not use change-rooms;
• Comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule;
• No shaking hands, team huddles, high fives, or hugging other players, match officials, team officials or spectators;
• No player walkouts prior to matches;
• Do not share drink bottles;
• Do not share containers of food, including oranges. Players should bring their own food and snacks;
• Do not attend football if you have flu like symptoms or are feeling unwell;
• Cover your coughs and sneezes;
• Players and spectators must not socialise or assemble in groups before, during or after football;
• Once training and games are finished depart the venue as soon as possible;
• Get tested for COVID-19 if you feel unwell or develop cold or flu like symptoms;
Compliance with these protocols, including social distancing 1.5 metres, good hygiene practices, limiting the number of adults present, not shaking hands and not attending if you are feeling unwell is what is effective in minimising the risk of community transmission.
We ask that the Macarthur Football Family continue to adhere to the protocols that have been put in place to keep you safe.


Important to dates for us:

MiniRoos Gala Days
Should COVID-19 restrictions ease, MiniRoos Gala Days are tentatively scheduled on the weekend of 26 & 27 September.

This is all subject to COVID-19.

CLICK here for more information

UPDATE : Football Federation Australia

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For the most up to date information/ news please 

Click Here 

Football NSW

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For all the latest NEWS and Updates 

Click Here 


Click here 

Thank - You

We would just like to take a moment to thank all our sponsors and their ongoing support into the 2020 season and encourage all our players and families to support the local businesses that support us.

If you’re not familiar with some of our sponsors, this weekend might be the perfect time to pop through and say hello with all offering amazing takeaway options if you’d like to eat in the comfort of home.


Feild Layout for Game Days at GHFC

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Water Gum Road- NO STANDING


A reminder to all that Water Gum Road around the Club house is No Standing ZONE. 
Rangers have given warnings out to those who parked there today (11.7.20) 
They will not be warning next time you will be get a FINE. 

Interested in Sponsoring / Partnering with Gregory Hills FC?

We are currently looking to engage with interested parties who would like to partner with Gregory Hill Football Club as we look to launch into the 2021 season. 

We understand that our business partners will be the key ingredient in successfully achieving our goals on and off the pitch and look forward to tailoring a package that suits the requirements of both your business and those of Gregory Hills FC.

If you would like to know more or discuss how your business may work with Gregory Hills FC, Please contact Us. 

Player & Spectatator Behaviour

A Friendly Reminder 

We are all pretty lucky to play on the park this season as it is.

Please do not put your team, your club or your sport at any further risk through it inappropriate behaviour or actions at weekly matches.

 Please play by the laws of the game, respect the referee and each other.

 No one gets away with bringing the game into disrepute.

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All Council Sports Grounds Smoke Free.

NSW Health Inspectors can enforce the ban and fines of up to $550 can apply. So please click on the links below to read the new laws. If you really want to give $550 away, please sponsor a couple of Gregory Hills FC teams.

Click Here for NSW Health Fact Sheet
Click Here for NSW Health A3 Poster

No  Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken by any team to any ground.
Last updated 30 Mar 2021
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Field 2Open
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